Entry date September 2019
Investment Growth Capital
Participation Minority
Head Office Cannes, France
Revenues < EUR 5M

Nicolas Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol founded apiwork™ in 2008, a web agency specialized in real estate.

Very quickly, apimo™ became the main tool of the real estate company. The apiwork™’s expertise in the web agency field has allowed creating an ergonomic and efficient tool, by simplifying and improving the real estate agent’s job.

Its buyer/properties matching algorithm and multilingual interface make apimo™ a solution highly appreciated by more than ten thousand of real estate agents worldwide.

« I met Christophe Rousseaux at international conferences when he was still working at Immoweb. I followed and liked his entrepreneurial qualities and strategic vision. I naturally thought of him when I decided to open up my capital to reach new strategic steps and gain credibility in new markets. »

Why Apiwork?

« Having followed the development of apimo™ since it launched in 2008 and being convinced of its relevance for real estate agents, I had no hesitation when Nicolas Guillaud de Saint-Ferréol, founder of apiwork™ and majority shareholder, offered me to join his capital to help with their international expansion. » Christophe Rousseaux - partner Akiles

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