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Building a business is much like a challenging mountain hike. At each stage, there are exciting perspectives, numerous possibilities, limited resources and a few risks and pitfalls you’d like to overcome. You can hike alone if you are into that, or choose a partner for the road. With combined resources, a sparring partner to narrow down the possibilities, guidance towards detours or shortcuts, you cover more ground, with more confidence.

We support you in the achievement
of your objectives

01 Long Term Investment

In the long run, we want to build businesses as strong as a mountain. We hope you’d want that too. The investors of Akiles have built companies over generations of family owners and managers.

There’s not much point for the company to force the natural road it needs to take.

We rather believe that with sufficient agility and patience, there is value in each phase. From that experience, we have chosen a long-term, evergreen fund structure. Akiles has no exit constraints.

02 True value-add investor

Akiles team members have more than 75 years of combined experience in investing and managing companies. We have worked in early-stage companies, developing products and services from scratch or improving them, watching over the quality of first projects, hiring of teams, building organizations, etc.

We have also accompanied and advised more mature companies. We have held management or board positions in start-ups and SMEs, but also in investment funds and listed companies.

We can make you benefit from our experience for various challenges

Strengthen the organization

At some point, the team, product portfolio, point of sales or services needs to be expanded to reach new levels of growth, synergies, lifetime value, quality levels etc. The measures to build or protect value require funding and skills. These are common challenges where our combined experience can lead to confident decisions.

Boost organic growth

After iterating the business model with clients, a viable offering becomes apparent. To grab market share at the right pace and build scale, investment in sales and marketing can make the difference to create an industry leader. Funding, devising alternative business cases, the network from our portfolio and actual experience can help support this strategy.

Finance acquisitions

To scale the business to different geographic areas and generate cost- and/or sales synergies, a buy & build strategy can drive value for your business. M&A can however be a lengthy, expensive and risky process for which we can add value.

Sparring partner

Although general in nature, anyone can relate with the vast amount of decisions that take up time and space in agenda and minds. Having a sparring partner with aligned interests can facilitate swift and confident decisions, especially when deciding between the lesser of two evils.

03 Strong Network

We do not hesitate to activate our networks and put our companies and entrepreneurs in contact with other leaders to support them in their growth strategies.

04 Clear Governance

Akiles is an active partner from the board level, where strategic lines are defined in cooperation with the company's founders and other board members. The establishment of a strong alignment between the management team, the directors and the shareholders is a key element to which we pay particular attention for each investment.

We almost never consider short-term partnerships, unless exceptional conditions require it.

We are in favor of strengthening management structures where necessary, thus enabling sustainable growth.

L'équipe d'Akiles Our team

Get to know Akiles’ team. With a combined experience of more than 75 years, our team supports entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs in their growth.

Immeubles Portfolio

Discover the businesses that have trusted us for their growth. Our collaborations are rich and diversified and include several sectors from different backgrounds.

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