Are you considering taking over
an existing business?

Good idea, but do the math...

You have worked in several corporates without ever really finding your place? You have the ambition to contribute to a promising business by bringing your expertise? Then a Management Buy-In is probably an option worth to consider. As an external entrepreneur, you will acquire an existing SME and bring a breath of fresh air to it. Akiles can help you analyze and finance the company you consider to take over.

« Akiles and I worked together to assess an opportunity.Our balanced proposal to the founder wasn’t accepted. I won’t shed a tear, we remained disciplined, it was interesting for both of us and time efficient. We keep in contact regularly on new opportunities. » A.C. - candidate MBI.

As a prospective MBI buyer, there are some important perspectives to consider before you begin negotiating the purchase of a small or medium-sized business:

  • Be mindful to the pressure you may put on yourself, you may feel alone. Surround yourself with good partners.
  • Weigh off your market value on the job market and the actual cost that represents, with the remuneration you can charge to the company you acquire.
  • Don’t pay too much for your own blood, sweat & tears.
  • If your equity is limited, the type of company you can buy into is mostly... underwhelming.
  • You are not alone and most processes are run by professional M&A advisors, competition will be strong!
  • You will see and assess only a fraction of the opportunities in the market. The search can be frustrating, maintain disciplined...

When does working with a fund make sense?

So working with an SME fund makes sense when you want to:

  • Be considered for many more additional opportunities than you can handle on your own
  • Leverage your skills at larger SME organizations
  • Reduce the risk of losing precious time and money in the first phases of the process
  • Be able to learn from professionals

We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs

As an SME fund, the Akiles team assesses hundreds of opportunities, each year. We have a strict framework to narrow down that funnel asap and focus our time on the most promising investments.

Our approach

Akiles prefers situations where the founders remain on board for a considerable amount of time or current and new MBI managers have a healthy incentive to perform, without an unreasonable amount of stress.

Our interests are your interests. Our approach is to be respectful partners for the long term. To do this, we look for a relationship based on understanding and trust. Together, we will establish a framework for a sustainable evolution, according to your vision and your objectives.

Our investment criteria

Akiles' typically considers investments in SME’s with an EBITDA in the range of €0.5m and up to €5m. These are companies that have a proven business model and see further room to grow, thanks to a competitive edge or geographical expansion.

We actively seek to strengthen the management teams of the companies we invest in. If the SME does not have a stable team in place, we will you build one. We are happy to receive resumes from MBI candidates to match them with current or future opportunities.

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