Do you want to accelerate the growth
of your business?

Akiles accompanies ambitious teams for the next steps of their growth
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Are you looking for a reliable partner to accompany you in your growth and to act as a sounding board? Growth capital is intended for profitable companies that want to expand their activities. Akiles accompanies ambitious SMEs as a minority shareholder to take the next steps in their growth and reach new heights together.

Akiles has the capacity to accompany its participations
to many of their needs

Akiles' strategy consists in making long-term investments without the burden of a limited investment horizon of typical closed-end funds (hence an «evergreen» investment fund), which allows it to continue to concentrate on the growth potential of each of its participations and to provide dedicated support throughout the duration of the investment, alongside experienced entrepreneurs.


Growth Capital is interesting if you want to:

  • Develop internationally
  • Launch new products or services
  • Finance your investment needs
  • Grow through acquisitions
  • Boost your marketing campaigns
  • Strengthen your team
  • Finance your future projects
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We put our knowledge to work for you

Akiles has the experience and expertise to help you succeed in the next stages of your growth. Our complementary multilingual team combines entrepreneurial spirit with strategic and financial expertise. We are willing to take risks and have a pragmatic approach. As a private equity investor, we know firsthand what entrepreneurship means.

Strong values

Akiles is a true partner of entrepreneurs who wish to develop their activities and accelerate their growth. Our partnerships are based on trust and mutual respect. A strong alignment in terms of values and vision with the other shareholders and with the management is a prerequisite for an investment.

An evergreen approach

We invest with the aim of generating sustainable growth, which can sometimes take time. This is why Akiles has an evergreen approach, with no fixed investment horizon. We are ready to play our investor role as long as we are the right partner.

We offer much more than money. Our team has extensive experience in developing and supporting businesses.

Our investment criteria

We focus on transactions where we can invest from 1 to 7.5 million euros in equiptya capital, usually as a minority shareholder. With stakes participations of at least 10%, we are represented on the Board of Directors.

We also want to be actively involved as a sparring partner to advise and ensure value creation.

Akiles acts as a sounding board

We give management the freedom to do its job, while remaining available when we can be helpful, drawing on our experience in other businesses. We therefore encourage management to leverage our network and expertise to pursue sustainable growth.

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