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Investment:  Methis Consulting

Entry date:           July 2020

Investment type:  Growth Capital - Owner Buy-out

Participation:       Large minority

Head Office:         Antwerp

Revenues:            EUR 5m - 10m


Methis Consulting was founded in 2007 as a niche player in business consulting, focusing specifically on the energy market, the water sector and public transport. Over the years, this focus has been translated into the day-to-day efforts of a growing team, led by skilled and experienced consultants who have a unique knowledge of the market. As a result, increasing numbers of businesses have placed their trust in its services and they are able to demonstrate the difference they make through the actual results that have been achieved. Methis Consulting now operates both in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Why Akiles was selected:

“As founders of Methis, we have always been cautious and have grown step by step in order to keep our high-quality standards. Today, as our professionalism is being acknowledged by many clients, the demand of our services is ever increasing. We are happy to have AKILES on board to sustain our growth. Next to financial and strategic support, their shared values and “evergreen” approach were crucial to our choice for AKILES as the right partner for the further growth of our organization.” - Maarten Smet, Managing Partner Methis Consulting.

Why Akiles invested:

Methis has a strong track-record of successful and professional executed optimization   projects withreputable corporates. It is our ambition to help Methis to strengthen its growth   track. The Utility and Public Transport sectors have still a lot of potential to unlock and we   would like to make more clients benefit from its services.  



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Bart Van den Berghe

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Maarten Smet