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Investment: Look&Fin

Entry date:           October 2019

Investment type:  Growth Capital - Later stage

Participation:       Minority

Head Office:         Brussels

Revenues:            <EUR 5m


Founded in 2012, Look&Fin is one of the top SME crowdlender in the European area of Belgium, France and Luxembourg with €85 million in loans to 250 SMEs.
Selected companies can borrow from €50,000 to €5 million for any type of need. Lenders are retail investors and institutional investors. Some €45 million have already been repaid with an average annual net default rate of 5.5%.
Look&Fin goal is to become the solution of choice for 100% digital and non-bank credit for SMEs, regardless of size, need or sector. 

Why Akiles invested :

In a world where everything is instantaneous, the manager of a company must be able to take out a loan just as he buys a product or service on the Internet.
Look&Fin is fully in line with this trend by offering SMEs flexible credit solutions.

Frédéric Levy Morelle - CEO

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