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Investment:  Castelein Sealants

Entry date:           April 2020

Investment type:  Growth Capital - Owner Buy-out

Participation:       Co-control

Head Office:         Antwerp

Revenues:            EUR 5m - 10m


Castelein Sealants is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of sealing products for facades for the Belgian market. The firm generates an annual turnover of nearly EUR 10 million. It accompanies its customers throughout their projects. Moreover, it offers technical solutions which are fully adaptable and customizable to deal with a broad range of thermic and acoustic insulation problems, as well as issues related to water-or airproofing.

Why Akiles was selected:

"AKILES shares our vision for the future and our ambition to bring ever-greater added value to our customers. Their financial and strategic support will be most beneficial to the company, its employees and its clients. It will allow us to reinforce our firm in its upcoming growth stage, by assisting us in the professionalization of our structure, supporting the launch of new innovative products and development of new markets both in Belgium as well as abroad". 

Why Akiles invested:

Castelein Sealants perfectly matches our investment criteria. The company has managed to skillfully create a strong brand, which conveys a strong sense of quality to its Belgian and Dutch customers.


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